Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Physical Exersion

I'm am not a HUGE fan of exercise, but I do like it. I have a hard time keeping a regular exercise routine Most of the time it's because I get bored and I'm not seeing the results that I want, so I quite for a while. Plus it's hard to stay motivated when you have no one to work out with. A few months back I decided I was ready to recommit myself to some kind of regular workout routine, so I joined Curves. Curves is ok, but using the recovery boards in between every machine has caused my Plantar Fasciitis (a condition I developed in Basic Training & AIT in 1998) to flare up. I don't usually run regularly because this will also cause it to flare up. Hiking, one of my favorite things to do with my husband, is another activity that causes issues with this.

About 5 weeks back, I decided to try Ultimate Frisbee as a fun exercise activity. My UF career didn't last long. The first night I turned my ankles about 9 times altogether. The next day my left ankle was swollen and the Plantar Fasciitis in my right foot was horrible. Since then, my ankle is still swollen and I've been having some strange issues with it. I went to see my chiropractor about it, but I'm thinking that I need to go see a sports medicine specialist.

I still want to work out. My most favorite thing to do is swim, but the only places that have pools cost more than I want to pay. Last week, Lisa Dorny gave me a coupon to Double Diamond Athletic Club. I had been considering going back to Gold's for about a week, but wasn't really all that excited about it because I didn't really enjoy the atmosphere from the first time I had a membership. I walked in to Double Diamond with the 14 day pass Lisa gave me, and walked out with a 18-month gym membership (waiving my $99 sign up fee in exchange for the 14 day pass). Since then, I've been swimming.

It's been great to be back in a pool again. Swimming is something I thoroughly enjoy. It's one of those things in my life that I've been naturally good at since I was a small child and I feel at home in the water. This morning when I took a break in between laps, the lady in the lane next to me said I was a good swimmer and invited me to the Masters swimming course at the gym on Mondays. Should be way cool!


Anonymous said...

I love to swim! It doesn't hurt the joints like other activities. I'd love to join you, CM! When I was at BYU I took a swimming class one semester and lost 7 lbs--doing nothing else differently in my life! I love to swim!

Momma Twitch said...

AWESOME!!! How cool is that! Swimming with the masters. :) Let us know how it goes!!

CM Stephensen said...

I would love to swim together Laura!!

Danila said...

I know exactly where you're coming from. I too have plantar facitis and have a hard time running etc.. Last year I bought a membership to Double Diamond (I like it there way better than Gold's, I also had a membership there once) and I'm embarrassed to say I didn't even go once. So I'm going to renew, but it's only on one condition. I have to be consistent with an at home work out for 1 month. so far I've made it through a week, so maybe I'll join you there soon!

CM Stephensen said...

Go Danilla Go!! I'll be rooting for you!!!
Good Luck :D
Can hardly wait till you get to come back to DDAC