Saturday, July 5, 2008

How Many Favorite Books Are You Allowed To Have?

This morning I finished reading The Secret Garden. I came across the copy I have a year ago when someone was giving away some things at church. I figured that since I loved the movie so much, I would love the book. Well, it is now one of my most favorites. It's a remarkable book, full of simple truths.

So, how many favorite books are you allowed to have? Who knows... for me, it's hard to choose just one as a MOST favorite. I'm that way with Best Friends too. I thought you might like to see the list of my most favorite books. They are in no paticular order other than the order of which they came into my mind. I highly recommend all of these books. If you want to read a book but can't find it because you don't know the author, I will gladly tell you who wrote it.

Pride & Prejudice
The Never-Ending Story
The Secret Garden
Enders Game
The Giver
Howls Moving Castle
Added Upon
Peter Pan

Harry Potter
Books of Pellinor
Women of Genisis


Anonymous said...

That's a great assortment of books!

But I hope you have room for one more.
Since you like Peter Pan, you should know there's a new book out! It's not like the prequels ans sequels that already existed. All of thos contradict Barrie's original stories. This novel not only doesn't, but it's based on Barrie's idea for more Pan adventure!

Pittman Four said...

It's hard for me to pick out a favorite book. I think I love every book I read. I fall in love with the characters, their families and their lives. I kind of mourn when I've finished a book. We can just keep on reading and keep on loving the books that we read so our list will one day be endless....


Johnson Family said...

Ok that is too weird I have to post I guess I shouldn't say weird I was reading your post about the cookies and Alyssa at the farmers market in Carson city..... I am pretty sure I know who you are talking about. Is her name Alyssa Harrison? Is she tall, skinny and way cute? Well if it is that is my friend we grew up together. Did you know she is also a member of the church. Small world well that is if it is the same girl ask her next time you see her.
Melissa Johnson

CM Stephensen said...

Why yes, she is Alysa Harrison! Thats so crazy. Alysa was surprised to here that I knew you. You didn't say that you guys went to High School together!

She says that you are living in Reno again!?

AdaMandy said...

This summer is the summer of your series. You get twilight and Pellinor. That's some good readin. I can't wait!

CM Stephensen said...

I know... I'm so excited!! I've had the dates for both of the new books marked in my calendar since January!!

Johnson Family said...

We still live in Sparks but close enough right?! I'll have to come check you guys out at the farmers market next time I am in Carson on a Wed.

CM Stephensen said...

I'm also at the Market downtown on West between 1st and 2nd. That's saturday from 9-1pm.