Friday, July 11, 2008

My Dirty Little Secret

Well, for those of you who know me REALLY well, it's not really a secret. But, some people are genuinely surprised when they find out that I am a very messy person. It's so bad that my mom even calls me PigPen... yep, that's right. I tend to leave a trail where ever I go. Lately I've had the influence of a good friend wear off on me. She's got me organizing, cleaning, and getting rid of things I don't really need. It's been so great. For months I've been wanting to do a cleaning schedule to assign certain days of the week where I clean a room. I finally sat down the other day and wrote out my House Cleaning Manifesto. It's way cool. It covers everything from how many hours a week I work on the yard, which days I clean which rooms, and even sets time aside for organizing different things in the house that need to be "gone through". I implemented my little manifesto schedule at the beginning of the week, and it's worked fabulously so far. My house is in pretty good order, my yard has no serious weeds taking over any more, and I still have had time to do lots of other things. It's nice to not have to take 5 hours to clean my house!

So, now my manifesto is truley a manifesto now that I've declared it publicly on my blog... awesome.


Pittman Four said...

congratulations on your manifesto... We all have to find what works for us. My weak area is my bedroom. It's very clean right now so I'm taking advantage of it and spending a lot of time in here. In the mean time I think I'm ignoring the other parts of my house... But, what I see is clean. What I don't see doesn't hurt me, right????

Enjoy your tidy home. It does feel nice when everything is neat and tidy.
:) Kimberly

Groverskate said...

Good job :D I remember your barracks back in 2001.
Love ya sis!

CM Stephensen said...

ha... I really don't like remembering that. It was sooooo humiliating

AdaMandy said...

Man that's hardcore, good for you. I like a good clean house, but I am too lazy to be that organized. How long have you been doing it?

Danila said...

You need to fill me in on your manifesto secrets..