Friday, October 15, 2010

It's A Sunny Day on the Farm

Today Abby and I went with Jenn and Bailey Sadler, and Nicole Anderson (Jenn's sister) to Andelin Family Farm. They have a pumpkin patch as well as some really neat activities.

There were quite a few farm animals. The girls really enjoyed feeding the goats. We also got to see a llama, yak, pigs, and a very large dog.

I thought this was a neat shot of the girls. We were standing around in the pumpkin patch.

Abby decided that this was absolutely the pumpkin she wanted. She was a little frustrated by the fact that it was still attached to a vine.

She carried her pumpkin around for a little bit. She was so adorable.

We went on the hayride. Nicole took a picture of us together... pretty good too. I find it sad that we don't get many good shots of us together.

What a great mug shot... who knew my child was wanted by the law!!

There was a neat maze made out of hay bales. The girls really enjoyed running around and it was fun watching them negotiate their way through.

One of the coolest things was a huge box filled with feed (dried corn). There were buckets, shovels, and dump trucks. The girls loved it so much and Jenn and I thought it would be a great idea to do this at home. There was also a big red barn set up with Halloween costumes for dress up and a large coloring station. What a great day!

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Jen Hamner said...

I really like how long your hair is cute! I have never seen it that long.