Friday, February 5, 2010

Abby - 8 Months Old

Abby is 8 months old today! Hard to believe that in 4 short months, she will be a year. I'm already starting to think about how I want to celebrate her first birthday. I was just talking to a friend about how fast last year went. I was pregnant for the first half, and had a baby for the second.... I look back and it seems like a blur.

Here's how Abby has grown this past month:
Her bottom two teeth cut thru (right spelling?)
As she sits, she can pivot in a circle
She can scoot to places she wants to go
She gets upset when I take things from her
She does baby talk, mostly dadadada
She will switch and item to the opposite hand to pick up another item
She will place something I hand her behind her back if she doesn't want it
She was weaned
She started sleeping in her crib
She (finally) sleeps 6 hours a night every couple nites
She claps her hands
She gives kisses
When I say more, she knows to open her mouth for me to feed her
She can feed herself her bottle without help
She can pull herself into a standing postion with just about anything
She loves the cat

I love

I've been seeing ads for this company all over the place since Abby was born. I've been reluctant to purchase... but when I got an email from Pampers late last week giving me $10 off a first time order plus 500 Gifts to Grow points, I figured this might be a good time to try it out.
Well, I did my research while placing my order, trying to make sure I was getting a deal. I calculated how much I normally pay for diapers and how much I would be paying at I decided to go ahead and order a box of wipes as well, since I needed to spend over $49 to get free shipping.
Well, with the $10 off, I was about 5 short, so I figured I buy a toy or something. I decided to hold my order till we got our February 1st pay so that I was spending the February diaper money. So, for a couple of days, I thought about what I should buy extra, then I remembered I had seen these really cool Arm & Hammer Nursery Fresheners from Munchkins in my Parents magazine back in December. I've been wanting them since I saw them, so I checked it out and sure enough, had them in stock! They add 5.99 to my order putting me at around $59 and some change (because of tax).

That seemed to much to me, so I went back to see how much I was paying for the wipes. I was really surprised to see that they were $14.99 for a 384 pack versus the $11.98 for 448 that I was paying at walmart. I called up and asked about this and found out they price match. Only problem was it had to be listed on a competitors website, not an instore price. didn't have the same package so I looked around and found it at for $12.69... not as good as walmart, but $2.30 less. I was ready to order!
I called back, told them about the Target price, they checked it out and took the price right off my order before checkout. Then I purchased.
I realized later that I never got my 500 Gifts to Grow points and meant to call them yesterday to see if they could help me, but didn't get a second to call.
I ordered on Wednesday around 230pm and got my box last night (thursday).
Well, this morning I was double checking how much I had payed for diaper when I discovered something not so good! They had sent me the wrong box of diapers; Size 4 at 140 count instead of Size 3 at 160 count. I immediately checked my invoice then called again. I told the lady about the points first. It was my mistake that I didn't get the points (you have to click directly on the link in the email), but she was so nice about it and gave me a code for the points.... apparently lots of people make the mistake.

Then I told her about the diaper mix up... I was trying to figure out how I was going to ship these bigger diapers back when she told me that I could keep them for free and that she would send me the box I had originally ordered! How cool is that?!! Instead of paying 27cents a diaper, I paid 14cents a diaper! is A+ in my book!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Abby's Room - My Favorite Place On Earth

I finally got things cleaned up in Abby's room this week.
But to be fair, I will post some of the before pictures as well.

Her room is pretty easy to clean up. The boxes are full of her outgrown clothes.

There are a few things more I would like for her room, particularly stuff for the wall. It would be nice to have some matching shelves as well. Eventually, but not any time too soon. I will have a yard sale this summer, maybe after that. If we had lots of money... I would put in new carpet, get rid of the popcorn ceiling, add new closet doors, and put new trim around the base and add some trim at the ceiling. Wishful thinking.

I am happy that I have the canvas up now though! I'm working on a few posters in my Heritage Makers account that are specifically for her room. I love that I can personalize a poster! One will be an alphabet poster and the other a numbers poster. How cool is that?! When I finish them, I'll post some pics of them here for you to see.

Hello Big Bear!

I still need to vacuum... but it's not of the utmost importance. Meanwhile the rest of the house is a disaster; as per SOP. Notice all the extra's from Abby's room out in the hall. About half of them are still there as we speak.

I even wiped down the window and window sill. I don't think I had cleaned it since we moved in 3 1/2 years ago. It was filthy. It's nice now!

Of course, what's the first thing that Abby does?! Pulls the books off the shelf one by one! Typical.

This is Alice, Abbigator's Alligator.

Hello Alice!