Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Next Chapter Is Here

Steve has left for Fort Bragg, NC. We got up this morning around 545 and while Steve was getting some last minute things ready, I sat and played with his new phone (I've been bugging him for months to get a new one. His 4 year old Razor can't keep a charge longer than 20 mins). I took some photo's of Abby and I and played with his wallpaper and added a couple of voice recordings with Abby making noises.

After giving Abby a blessing (I got mine last night), saying family prayer, and squishing one another in a cozy family hug (a bit emotional for me and too cramped for Abby), Steve took off at around 730a. Abby and I stood at the door and watched "Daddy" check some last minute things, then get into his X-Terra and drive down the road. As we were standing there, I wondered how much of this Abby was really taking in... I like to think she understands a little, especially as we walked away from the door and she gave a little sigh. I told her, "You have a brave Daddy".

Some of you know, but not many, that we have decided it's best for Abby and I to stay here in NV while Steve goes to NC for his training. There are many different reasons; my great support group here, how much better it is financially to stay, the fact that he will be in the field for weeks on end leaving us to fend for ourselves (going back to that first reason I listed). Frankly, for months, I've been thinking that it would be better to stay and in many ways I'm very happy with this decision. I love my home, it feels safe and comfortable... this is where I want to be with my little girl.

People ask how I do it... for our family, it's just the way it is, and looking forward, it's the way it's going to be. Seriously though, I get through because the Lord blesses me with a greater portion of the spirit, I have amazing friends who are more than happy to help out, a fabulous ward that feels like a family, and to top it all off, incredible Home and Visiting Teachers (should I mention they are husband and wife, let alone the fact that my VT will be here in an hour to visit!).

After sitting Abby on the couch and getting a few things cleaned up, I realized that Steve left without the red pears I bought him last night for his trip. I sent him a text, (yes, as of yesterday, he is officially texting and he's not going to like that I'm announcing it). He said he was down at the donut place and asked if I would like some... of course I would like some, and of course I would like to say goodbye again! So, Steve came back, dropped off some donuts, picked up his pears (and some apples I threw in), the Preach My Gospel manual... and we said our goodbyes again. He kissed our sleeping Abby and walked out the door at 8am. I watched from the living room window, thinking that he wouldn't even look up... but as he pulled away, he did and waved. A moment later he sent a text for Abby, "Listen to your mother, lil' bit". I love you Babes and I'm so proud of you... we are sure going to miss you! You will do amazing! Hopefully we will see you soon!!!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Visiting with Oma Bonnie

This past weekend we drove over to Fremont, CA to visit with Steve's Mom Bonnie. We had such a great weekend! She was kind enough to put us up in a hotel a little ways down the road from where she lives. We meet her forlunch on Friday and spent the rest of the day relaxing while she worked.
We meet up on Saturday morning, had breakfast at the hotel and then drove down to Monterey. We checked out the Monterey Bay Aquarium, which is way cool. Though we wouldn't recommend visiting on a Saturday... it's way too packed to really enjoy. We spent the early afternoon walking around the first building and got our hands stamped so we could come back after lunch. One of Steve's goals for the weekend was to get me to eat some seafood. EVERYONE who really knows me, knows that I don't eat seafood, but Steve figured that what I really needed in my life was to try it "fresh". Anyway... I gave in. I tried Coconut Prauns (didn't like), Mahi Mahi (was ok), and Swordfish (was decent but I will never order it as my main course).

After lunch, Abby and I headed back to the car to nurse while Steve and Oma walked down to the knitting store. We met back up at the Rip Squeak and Friends store and then went back over to tour the rest of the museum. I enjoyed the Seahorse exhibit the most.

On Sunday we found a ward to attend Sacrament at and then went to Oma Bonnie's for lunch. When we got there, Oma showed us a chair that she had refinished which was used when by Steve's brother Paul when he was small. Abby is still a little too young to sit in it, but we managed to get a couple of cute pics. Oma Bonnie made a fabulous Meatloaf and a very yummy chocolate cake. We hung out for the rest of the afternoon and later I made my chicken Soup for dinner.

On Monday morning, we went and had a great breakfast at Oma Bonnie's and then started back on the road.... it was such a fabulous weekend!

Friday, October 23, 2009

A Trip to Arizona

Two weeks ago, we traveled to Mesa, AZ to visit with Steve's family (and to buy a new vehicle). We got to spend a lot of time with Steve's Brother Matt his wife Steffi and daughter Ellie (who is only 3 weeks older than Abby). We were able to take some cute pictures of the girls together as well as some good pictures with Abby's Great Grandpa Max and Great Grandma Loraine.

An Abby Update - 4 Months

Sorry it's been so long... I havn't posted pictures ANYWHERE in forever!
It's amazing how when you have a little one, time just gets away from you...
I thought I had no time before. Boy was I ever wrong.

Here are Abby's 4 month old Pictures and this is what Abby did at 4 months:
-She loves to stand and can push herself up with her legs
-She now actually FITS in 3 month clothes
-She moved up from size 1 diapers to size 2
-She moved up to eating 3oz from 2oz (She's a snacker)
-She started grasping at objects, bringing them to her mouth
-She started to entertain herself with her baby toys