Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fall - My Favorite Time of Year

I really, really... and I mean, REALLY... love the fall season. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that I was raised in Indiana. I love the changing of the leaves, I love the smell of the leaves, and I love the crisp air. Raking leaves is one of my favorite activities in the fall. In fact it was one the first jobs I had as a kid... raking other peoples yards.

A few weeks back, when I was in Indy, my Mom took me to the Covered Bridge Festival. It was a beautiful day and a wonderfully colorful drive.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Bobby's Boys

Bobby is my brother. The last full day I was in Indy, I meet with Bobby and his family to take some pictures of them. I'm am going to be making some books using the pictures I took to give to them for Christmas this year. I'm really exicted about putting these books together, and I think the boys will appreciate having their own little books with pictures of themselves. I just want to say... I LOVE MY JOB!!!

Zaks 2nd Birthday

I have two Nephews: Damian, 4 & Zacharey 2. When we went to Indianapolis a few weeks ago, we went to Chucky Cheese to celepbrate Zach's 2nd birthday. We all had a good time. My dad and Steve played with the boys, my mom and grandma hung out at the table and talked and looked at my books, and I walked around taking pictures of the boys.
Zak opening a gift. Both of the boys love anything to do with trains.

Pelicans near Reno

A few weeks ago, we went out for a morning drive. We drove South on 395 and stopped off an exit at Washoe Lake. On the beach about 100 yards from the lake edge was a booth that looked as though it was from Long John Silvers. I thought it was really random, so I took a few photos of it.
On the way back home, Steve spotted a flock of pelicans hanging out in Washoe Lake. I thought it was pretty cool, so I drove into the park so we could walk up and get some pictures.

This Last Visit

Well, Steve is gone again. I miss him.... a lot. Yesterday I was thinking about him and missing him so much, I almost started to cry. So many people tell me how strong we are, putting up with being apart so much. Sure, there is strength there, but to be honest, I have a greater portion of the Spirit to help me. Which is nice. Yes, it's dang hard being separated all the time... actually, it just plain sucks. But, like I tell everyone, we are used to it.
A question I get constantly is: When is Steve going to stop contracting? Our decision right now is that this is the last contract. He has 2 more rotations, 1 more leave. When he is done, the plan is for Steve to apply to the Reno Police Academy. Which is something he is worried about, since they are kicking out our good friends left and right before they even get in. We will see.

We had a really great time together this time around. Our schedule was pretty packed; something Steve can't stand. But we got to do a lot of great things, gain some great memories, and take tons of outstanding photo's.

Here's some of the stuff we did while Steve was home this last time:
Went to the temple twice
Saw the Balloon Races
Had Missionaries over for dinner
Visited with Matt & Steffi (Steve's Brother & Sister-in-Law)
Played lots of Dungeons n Dragons
Dinner at the MacDonalds (met the Naylor's!)
Boyscout Spaghetti Dinner
FHE with Sadlers & Andersons
Dinner at the Hills
Hiked in the Plumas National Forest
Swam in Truckee River
Saw DARK KNIGHT in the theater
Visited with Paul (Steve's other Brother)
Visited with Kintner's (Steve's Maternal Grandparents)
Hiked to the top of the Sierra Buttes
Had Family Photo's taken
Watched all 12 hours of INTO THE WEST
Visited Steve's Mom in Fremont, CA
Went on a morning drive & saw a flock of Pelicans in Washoe Lake
Dinner at Johnny's (our favorite resturant)
Went to Indiana & visited my Family
Chucky Cheese for Zaks 2nd Birthday (my nephew)