Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Abby - 11 Weeks

Abby is just growing and growing and growing! According to our scale, she weighs 11 pounds. I find myself amazed by her every day. She is so much more aware of the things going on around her than even a few weeks ago. She follows things around the room, she is smiling and cooing a lot. I really love how she looks into my eyes with recognition... so strange how happy that makes me! Abby enjoys taking a bath... well, I say enjoys because she doesn't cry at all. Steve and I both noticed that her eyes seem to be turning brown. She also has started turning onto her side from her back and has slept that way a few times during the week. Drooling is another talent she has picked up. This week I did another photo shoot with her rabbit. Strange how you can take almost 200 photo's and get only 10 really great ones. Here are my favorites.

Abby - 10 Weeks

Oma (German for Grandma) Bonnie came to visit us this weekend. We took a trip to Babies R Us and Oma Bonnie bought Abby a bouncer chair. Abby will sit in her bouncer and watch her Baby Einstien video's. Abby and I did a little photo shoot out in the grass as well... we got a couple of nice photo's out of it. I managed to do a digital scrapbook page of one of the pictures later that week.a> This was also the first time Abby got a piggy back ride with Daddy.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Abby - 9 Weeks

Abby took her first plane trips during this week. Abby and I flew to Indy for my Mother's surprise 50th birthday party. This was a big week. She got to meet almost all of my family. It was the first time Pepaw (my dad) got to meet her. Nanny (my Mom) and I took Abby to the Children's Museum of Indianapolis... a place where I have many fond memories. She slept most of the time. We Abby did a lot of cooing while we were visiting with my family. She talked a lot with my Aunt Debbie especially. She hasn't really talked as much with anyone since.

Abby - 8 Weeks

Abby was smiling more and more. During tummy time one day, she rolled over onto her back. I had turned to look just as she was finishing and it was happening as I was getting up. I thought that I might have created a depression that helped her a bit. But two days later at her 2 month pediatric appointment, the Dr. wanted to see what her neck control was like. When the Dr. put Abby on her tummy, Abby rolled right over. Watching Abby get her shots was a little diffucult. I was surprised by how long the needles were, but I was shocked that the nurse stuck them ALL THE WAY in her leg. Abby cried, but she did pretty good. Abby also started cooing this week. The Sadlers bought Abby a Bumbo... I wasn't home when Jenn came over to drop it off. It was quite cute to walk in the door and find Abby sitting in her Bumbo which she didn't quite fit in yet. And to explain the hammer.... that's Steve's way of showing that no matter what you do, Abby is always cute.

Abby - 7 Weeks

I conducted my own little photo shoot during this week. I captured some of Abby's many amusing looks. We noticed during this week that Abby started to look around at her surroundings more and more. She is preferring to be held so she can watch what is going on all the time. Steve decided that he would introduce Abby to grass. When I first saw this, my mothering insticts almost kicked in and I wanted to scream "What are you doing with my baby?!!!?!!" Luckily, I was able to hold back my mothering urges and choose to get the camera instead. This week, she also started wearing 0-3 month Gerber onsies... she is still in Newborn in some brands. She also started to smile with recoginition in her eyes. Abby and I went to Girls Camp for testimony evening. I told everyone I wanted to get her started early!

Abby - 6 Weeks

At six weeks, we started putting Abby in the her rocker. My favorite ladies from my temple shift also threw a shower for us... but it was no secret that the whole reason was to meet and visit with little Miss Abigail. Steve and I find it so fascinating that women, especially women who have had children, absolutley love to hold babies.

Abby - 5 Weeks

Abby has many nicknames... one of her most infamous names around the house is Milkface. I've got this pciture Milkface up on our fridge, makes me crack up every time I look at it. I never ever get tired of looking at cute pictures of my little girl. Abby also started to suck her thumb around this time.

Abby - 4 Weeks

Abby's first holiday (4th of July). We spent the weekend with Steve's best friend Ryan and his new bride Teresa in Portland and Tillamook, Oregon. Abby's first visit to a museum was the Tillamook Cheese Factory. Abby also got to experience her first campfire. During this week we started giving Abby a pacifier, which was something I postponed because she was not really breastfeeding until she was two weeks old.

So Busy But Not Really

Motherhood is soooo time consuming! Especially if you are the momma of Abigail May Stephensen who never wants to be left alone. Anyways, I've been struggling with keeping up with everything but Abby. I've been wanting to update this blog so desperately, but every week that passes just adds that much more that I want to post but don't have enough time to. I was talking to Matthew Sadler the other day, telling him that I'm so far behind. He said that he never tries to play catch up.... but, I can't resist, so the following posts will update you all on All Things Abby!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Abby's First Photo Shoot - 3 Weeks

Abby's Blessing - 3 Weeks Old

On the last weekend of June, we had the priveledge of having most of Steve's family come visit for Abby's Blessing. It was a great weekend. We took the opportunity to get some rare Stephensen and Kintner family photo's. Thanks Alicia!
Our Family of 3

Aunt Katie with Abby and Ellie
All the kids
Steve's Dad Mont, Brother Matt, Sister Katie, and Brother Paul

Uncle Paul with Abby and EllieGrandpa Mont, Steve, Great Grandpa Max, and Great Grandpa Don with Abby

Grandpa Mont with Ellie and Abby