Thursday, March 4, 2010

North Carolina

Abby and I had a very nice visit with Steve last month. We were gone for 2 weeks... did you miss us? There really wasn't much that went on while we were in NC, but we did get to do a couple of cool things.
Here is Abby at the Raleigh Durham Airport. We had to wait an hour before daddy could get there. Traffic was pretty tight and it was very windy that day, so it made his hour and twenty min drive a bit longer.

On the way to Fayetteville, we passed a Cracker Barrell and stopped at the second one to eat. It's one of my favorite dine's, so it was nice of Steve to recommend that for a late dinner. I snapped a couple of picks of Abby and Daddy while we were waiting for our dinner.

Abby has graduated to more solid foods. Daddy is trying his hand at feeding the Abbigator and Alligator Pear (a cool name for avocado). It was amusing to watch how Steve would try to feed her. I think he made more of a mess than Abby.

I don't get to take a lot of pics of Steve... mostly because he loathes taking pictures. Sometimes he's a good sport, like in this photo! This is probably one of the best pics of him I've ever taken. I love that red shirt!

I spent a lot of time watching cable. We don't have it at home, so when I'm around it, I lose control. I especially love the Food Network... I could keep it on that channel all day! In fact, I did more than once.

Abby is really into pulling herself up to a standing position as well as bouncing up and down... this is one of those moments.

And another one of those moments! We spent a 3 or 4 nights gaming at Jane and JT's, friends of Steve. It was a lot of fun! I love this picture.... Abby has a cute little tushie.

We were supposed to go out to the coast for the holiday weekend, but the weather was bad, so we stayed in Fayetteville. We went to Carraba's for our Valentine's Day dinner... a place we both love to eat. The waitress gave Abby a pretty fascinating toy. She was fixated on it for quite a while.

I tried to take as many pictures of Abby and Steve as I could. I think it's becoming pretty obvious that this little baby is a Daddy's girl. She sure brightens up when he is around! Steve worries that she doesn't know or remember him now that he's gone a lot. But I can tell she recognizes him. She definatly behaves differently around him than she does other people she is held by. For now, there is still no one like Momma, but she really enjoys playing with Daddy. Daddy does all the cool stuff with Abby.

I had the opportunity to attend our Heritage Makers Regionals in Raleigh the second weekend we were there. I usually go to Phoenix since that is where my team is, but this saved me a plane ticket! I missed my friends, but I made some new ones. This is a photo with Patti Gardner, our Director of Sales on the left and Hallie Redd, one of our few Executive Consultants.. she is top in Sponsoring. There were only 20 or so people in attendance, so it was very intimate. I learned a lot of great things I will be applying to help my business grow and we got to see all the great new things Heritage Makers is going to be putting out this year! I love my business!

The last Sunday, we took a walk in Fayetteville. This was a really nice activity... and something that I will make a seperate post for in the next couple of days. This picture was taken at the end of our walk.

I wanted to take a few pictures of Steve holding Abby while he was wearing his uniform. I was bummed that I couldn't get the settings on my camera right for the lighting, but if I had taken a moment to mess with it, Steve would decide he was done... so, substandard photo's. :P I liked this one the best though... the two of them looking at each other, so endearing!

Steve spent time teaching Abby to walk with assistance. It's something he has done since she has been interested in standing... which was since 3 months old. When I had gotten back from Regionals the first night, Steve had her run over to me! I laughed so hard... it was one of the greatest moments of my life!

Abby found the butter. Steve said, "She's her mother's daughter". So true!

We visited with Jenn and Kennedi. My cousin John's wife and daughter. Jenn hosted a workshop for me while I was there, and she also had Abby and I over for dinner one night. She made wonderful spaghetti with amazing garlic bread. She was kind enough to lend us a bumbo, a jumperoo, and some toys for Abby.

Abby is such a pro at flying. I get a lot of compliments on how good of a baby she is. It's a lot of work keeping her entertained or trying to put her to sleep on the plane, but we do ok. It makes for a long day though.

We miss Steve, but I'm glad to be home.

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