Friday, February 5, 2010

Abby - 8 Months Old

Abby is 8 months old today! Hard to believe that in 4 short months, she will be a year. I'm already starting to think about how I want to celebrate her first birthday. I was just talking to a friend about how fast last year went. I was pregnant for the first half, and had a baby for the second.... I look back and it seems like a blur.

Here's how Abby has grown this past month:
Her bottom two teeth cut thru (right spelling?)
As she sits, she can pivot in a circle
She can scoot to places she wants to go
She gets upset when I take things from her
She does baby talk, mostly dadadada
She will switch and item to the opposite hand to pick up another item
She will place something I hand her behind her back if she doesn't want it
She was weaned
She started sleeping in her crib
She (finally) sleeps 6 hours a night every couple nites
She claps her hands
She gives kisses
When I say more, she knows to open her mouth for me to feed her
She can feed herself her bottle without help
She can pull herself into a standing postion with just about anything
She loves the cat

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The Sadlers said...

That girl is so cute. Isn't it fun when they start getting mad when you take things. Their not always your little angel anymore.