Saturday, March 6, 2010

Abby is 9 months old

This little girl of ours is too stinkin cute for her own good! As Steve likes to say... unauthorized levels of cuteness! Well, Abby is 9 months now... where has the time gone? Our little baby is going to be a year old in 3 quick months. I'm already planning out her birthday party in my head. Here is what Abby is doing now.... She:

Crawls :) (although, she drags one leg underneath)
She walks assisted
Can feed herself small pieces of food
Prefers eating food from my plate rather than jarred food
Enjoys bread, avocado, and strawberries the most
Is proficient at grabbing and dropping things
Doesn't like things to be taken away
Gets angry
Sleeps 6 hours a few nights a week
Occasionally drinks 5-6 oz bottles
Likes to chew on socks
Realized that she can play in the bath water
Understands that she can sit up on her own
Jabbers a lot
Knows when I'm trying to fool her into taking something else

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