Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas 2009

This was probably one of the nicest Christmas' we have ever had. Steve got home about 5 days before and his brother Paul flew in on Wednesday night and stayed with us till Saturday. Steve's Mom came on Christmas day. On Christmas Eve morning, we took Abby down to the mall to get her first picture with Santa taken. She didn't smile, but at least she didn't cry!

Later that day, after picking up Steve and Paul from the movie theater, we drove over to Pottery Barn to pick out our new Christmas ornament. A tradition Steve and I started when we first got married.This was our second year for our traditional Christmas Eve dinner (steak!) It turned out pretty good. I found a pretty good recipe for Honey Glazed Carrots last year that I really enjoy. I also started another new tradition; Christmas pajamas.

We got up around 8am Christmas morning (that's about the time Abby wakes up in the morning). We did stockings first and I helped Abby open a few gifts. After two or three presents, she started to cry... she was a little overwhelmed.

Thanks to Paul we had more Christmas photo's than we normally get!!

Abby looked really cute in her Christmas pajamas :D

Steve and Paul went to pick up thier Mom from the airport around 11 and when they all got back we had my Chicken Soup for lunch (along with some pretty good bread Tanya Turner made).

Around 2 we went over to the Kintners (Steve's Grandparents), for Christmas Dinner. We had an enjoyable time sitting around and spending the early evening together.

This was a great Christmas!

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