Sunday, December 6, 2009

Our Growing Abigail

Abigail was officially 6 months old yesterday! I can hardly believe how fast she is growing up and how quickly she is learning new things. This is a sample of what's been going on in Abby's world for 5 and 6 months.

Started grabbing and wanting to hold her bottle
Laughed for the first time
Began taking out her paci and attempting to put it back
Reaching for things intentionally
Able to grab with one hand things she reaches for
Plays on her own for short periods at a time
Began developing a nap time schedule
Loves to look at books
Rolls from her back to her belly
Plays in a jumperoo
Gnaws on fingers furiously
Will stay asleep for naps instead of waking up after being put down
Likes to have her paci when she sleeps
Discovered her feet and sucks on her toes

Sits up properly in Bumbo
Discovered coughing
Rolls and Rolls and Rolls around on the floor
Pushes her butt in the air with her feet and legs
Does push ups
Rolls over in the night and sleeps on her belly
Not nursing as much
Started Rice Cereal
Started Oatmeal
Can pull herself into a sitting position then standing with assistance
First Snow
Can feed herself bottle while laying down
Sipped water from a straw
Rolls over purposely to reach for things
Has been cranky because of teething pain
Moved up to size 2 Swaddlers
Now drinking 4oz regularly at feedings
Sucks on paci recreationly during the day
Occasionally falls asleep on her own
Grabs paci from your hand and puts directly into mouth