Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Uh Oh

This morning around 1005, Steve and I left the house to go to the Temple. We were at the light on Patriot and Virginia where the In-n-Out Burger is waiting for it to turn green. Once it did, the oncoming traffic started to cross the street... at least until another car hit the lead car. It was sort of strange to see the accident happen. I looked up right as this red car smashed into the front of the oncoming car (who had the right of way). I wasn't sure which direction the red car had come from. Steve said we should stop and help, so we crossed the street and parked at the In-n-Out and Steve walked over to the lady in the silver car to check on her. I called 911. The lady in the red car came out and talked to the lady in the silver car, then everyone walked over to the sidewalk. We waited until the Ambulance, then Fire Truck, then 3 different Police cars came.

The man who was behind the lady in the silver car when she was hit also parked and come over to help and hung out for the policen to show up. He said that the red car had run the red light. The EMT's checked out both of the lady's and waited around for the cops. The first cop on the scene was another lady... she questioned who everyone was, made sure the two car lady's were ok, then headed straight for us witnesses. It was funny when she told the two drivers, I will get to you guys in a minute, it's not often that I get independent witnesses. Thought that was interesting.

No serious harm to the Lady's, but the Silver car had a crashed up axel and the Red car,'s left side front bumper and hood was bent up.

Needless to say, we were late to the Temple. We ended up eating lunch first and then went to a later appointment.

I was thinking afterwards that I wish I had my camera with me so I could post some pics on the blog.


Kari and Steve said...

Wow and yikes!! If you ever want to go to the temple on a Friday night to the 7:30 session, let me know. Steve and I are kinda making it our date night, we are going to try for every week, but might do it every other week.

CM Stephensen said...

Hey... that is really cool! I will think about it. I'm considering making Tuesday night my weekly trip because another lady goes then. Maybe I can trade off every week.

Kari, I have a thank you card for you from Katie... I've had it forever.