Monday, September 29, 2008

Oprah's life has been touched by Heritage Makers

I just got back yesterday from a Heritage Makers convention. It was one of the most awesomest experiences ever. Make sure to visit my website today! Look through the many templates available for free in our template gallery,

Other news: One of our consultants created a small book for Oprah Winfrey in memory of her dog Gracie who died over a year ago. She sent it to Oprah's studios and Oprah loved it so much, she phoned her and left a message on that consultant's voicemail.
Click here to listen!
We are thrilled that Oprah has realized what our company has already known--that our books have the ability to touch lives, and we are preserving stories that would otherwise be forgotten. What stories do you have to tell? Does your child need to know how special they are? Do you know the stories of your parents? Start today telling your stories today!! Visit the template gallery, choose a template and easily create your own storybooks within hours!!
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Evans Family said...

Hi Christy,
It's Tami Evans from Columbus, GA. You may not remember me from the ward here but I found your blog through the Wiese's. It's exciting to see that you are doing great! I noticed that you have a Jeppson famiy listed on your blog and was interested in where they are from. Jeppson is my maiden name so I was surprised, wonder if we're related. Anyway, if you get a chance let me know.

CM Stephensen said...

I totally recognized your name, but it took me a good 30 minutes to remember you face and who you were. Way cool... I'm glad you found me! When are you going to update your blog so I can see some fabulous pictures of your family!

The Jeppsons I know are Trent and Amy Jeppson.