Monday, June 2, 2008


I've figured out what I'm going to read next! I want to read Endor's Game again. I went looking for it among the books on my bookshelf the other day, but forgot that I never owned it myself. I had borrowed it when I read it the first time. So, I will be going to the library sometime today to pick it up... and I will also be picking up War & Peace.


Johnny Rotten said...

Hey! These books you keep talking about.... The Host and Endor's game.. what kind of books are those? Twilight, I think that's the one Nil is reading about that girl that goes to live with her dad in that little town that's always under a cloud cover, right? Anyway, the titles of your latest sound interesting, and I might want to pick them up.

Johnny Rotten said...

ok, I figured out how to use the Shalfari thing. Those books both look awesome. I have wanted to read "Heart of Darkness" forever, and I just found an online copy of the manuscript the other day. COOL! FREE BOOK!