Monday, June 23, 2008

ABC's of Me

ABC of Me
The Letter A
Are you available?:
What is your age?:27
What annoys you?:Crazy Drivers
The Letter B
Do you live in a big house?:not really
When is your birthday?:July 20th
Who is your best friend?:oh geez
The Letter C
What's your favorite candy?:snickers
Who's your crush?:my husband Steve
When was the last time you cried?:I really don't remember
The Letter D
Do you daydream?:Yes
What's your favorite kind of dog?:airedale terrier
What day of the week is it?:Monday
The Letter E
How do you like your eggs?:Fried Hard
Have you ever been in the emergency room?:Yes
What's the easiest thing ever to do?:nothing at all
The Letter F
Have you ever flown in a plane?:Yes
Do you use fly swatters?:very rarely
Have you ever used a foghorn?:I think so
The Letter G
Do you chew gum?:Yes
Are you a giver or a taker?:both really
Do you like gummy candies?:not really
The Letter H
How are you?:eh
What color is your hair?:brown
The Letter I
What's your favorite ice cream?:sweet cream
Have you ever ice skated?:yes
Do you play an instrument?:sort of
The Letter J
What's your favorite jelly bean brand?:i'm not a fan of jelly beans
Do you wear jewelry?:rings and earrings
The Letter K
Who do you want to kill?:no one
Do you want kids?:yes
Where did you go for kindergarten?:Neil A. Armstrong Elementary
The Letter L
Are you laid back?:somewhat
Do you lie?:occasionally
The Letter M
Whats your favorite movie?:probably You've Got Mail
Do you still watch Disney movies?:yes
Do you like mangos?:yes
The Letter N
Do you have a nickname?:Chris, Sis, Stevie
What is your real name?:Christy
Whats your favorite number?:7
Do you prefer night over day?:no
The Letter O
What's your one wish?:I don't have just one
Are you an only child?:no
The Letter P
What one fear are you most paranoid about?:

alien invasion... silly, but sadly... true

What are your pet peeves?:crazy drivers, lines, stop lights, stop signs
What's a personality trait you look for in people?:open and honest
The Letter Q
What's your favorite quote?:What you dare to dream, dare to do.
Are you quick to judge people?:yes
The Letter R
Do you think you're always right?:I think that I seem that way to others, but I don't really feel that way.
Are you one to cry?:absolutely
The Letter S
Do you prefer sun or rain?:hmmmm... they both have their role to play
Do you like snow?:yes
What's your favorite season?:Autumn
The Letter T
What time is it?:1:24am
What time did you wake up?:Actually... I couldn't get to sleep
When was the last time you slept in a tent?:I think a week ago
The Letter U
Are you wearing underwear?:yes
Underwear or boxers?:definately not boxers
The Letter V
What's the worst veggie?:brussel sprouts
Where do you want to go on vacation?:Ireland
The Letter W
What's your worst habit?:You probably don't want to know
Where do you live?:Nevada
What's your worst fear?:Didn't I answer this already?
The Letter X
Have you ever had an x-ray?:yes
Have you seen the x-games?:watched them on tv
Do you own a xylophone?:no
The Letter Y
Do you like the color yellow?:it's ok
What's one thing you yearn for?:to travel the world
The Letter Z
Whats your zodiac sign?:cancer
Do you believe in the zodiac?:I would have to say yes, but I don't follow a horoscope... I think horoscopes are phoney
Favorite zoo animal?:otters
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1 comment:

Amy said...

hey christy,
i'm glad that you did this too. isn't it fun? I got it from my friends blog.