Tuesday, August 18, 2009

So Busy But Not Really

Motherhood is soooo time consuming! Especially if you are the momma of Abigail May Stephensen who never wants to be left alone. Anyways, I've been struggling with keeping up with everything but Abby. I've been wanting to update this blog so desperately, but every week that passes just adds that much more that I want to post but don't have enough time to. I was talking to Matthew Sadler the other day, telling him that I'm so far behind. He said that he never tries to play catch up.... but, I can't resist, so the following posts will update you all on All Things Abby!


The Sadlers said...

You are going to drive yourself crazy, that being said thanks for the posts, I love readin' me some blogs.

CM Stephensen said...

Well... I had originally started to follow your suggestion... This post was actually contained a picture and a short blurb about each week, but I had complications with it and just decided to do individual posts. sigh.