Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Abby - 8 Weeks

Abby was smiling more and more. During tummy time one day, she rolled over onto her back. I had turned to look just as she was finishing and it was happening as I was getting up. I thought that I might have created a depression that helped her a bit. But two days later at her 2 month pediatric appointment, the Dr. wanted to see what her neck control was like. When the Dr. put Abby on her tummy, Abby rolled right over. Watching Abby get her shots was a little diffucult. I was surprised by how long the needles were, but I was shocked that the nurse stuck them ALL THE WAY in her leg. Abby cried, but she did pretty good. Abby also started cooing this week. The Sadlers bought Abby a Bumbo... I wasn't home when Jenn came over to drop it off. It was quite cute to walk in the door and find Abby sitting in her Bumbo which she didn't quite fit in yet. And to explain the hammer.... that's Steve's way of showing that no matter what you do, Abby is always cute.

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The Sadlers said...

So until I read your blog I didn't know that we got you a Bumbo. Great idea I had though. As for the hammer, I like it.