Monday, December 1, 2008

Pregnancy Update: Week 10

I had two appointments today. My regular appointment with my Midwife was this morning. The main event was to check to see that there was a heartbeat and discuss other issues. We both celebrated this morning as we watched the little fetus jumping around and saw that there was a little pulsating spot right where the heart should be.

This afternoon I met with the perinatal doctor. He confirmed that I do in fact have a Septated Uterus. He measured the baby at being 10 weeks and 3 days old... only 1 day more that what my Dr predicted a few weeks ago. (In case it's confusing, I am seeing a Midwife and a Dr at my regular office, so there are 3 medical people involved altogether). He does not recommend that I have the "wall" surgically removed from my uterus because it could cause other complications and it's not something that needs to be done unless I'm having multiple miscarriages. Which, good thing for me, I've never had a miscarriage. He does not think that I have an incompetent cervix, but is giving me the option to have it sutured if I so desire. He says that it's completely up to me and was not really giving me advice that it would be best with or without it. It's something that Steve and I will discuss, pray about and decide together in the next week or so. While he was monitoring the heartbeat, he chuckled a little bit because the baby wouldn't sit still. When he was able to pinpoint it, he said it was average for what it should be.

As far as the spotting goes, the past week it has become less and less, and I have not spotted at all in the past two days! Things seem to be going great! Thanks everyone for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers! I will post ultrasound pictures when I scan them... though there isn't much to discern yet, but that's ok.


Groverskate said...

Good news!

Lehmann Adventures...... said...

Yea! we love good news!

Jenny said...

Great news!! I am thrilled for you and Steve!

Anonymous said...

That is great news! How exciting for your guys!