Wednesday, December 24, 2008

14 Weeks... ish

Well, in a few more days... so, why not!

I got to see the 'other' perinatal Dr in the office today (you can ask me about that later if you like). He took a look at my cervix today and said it looks great, but is going to take a look at it again in two weeks. So, for now, that's really great news. Doesn't really help explain why my water broke at 18 weeks in my first pregnancy... "sigh". I'm still spotting, but only a little. The Dr. reinforced the fact that I need to be "taking it easy".
My regular appointment for the 30th has been rescheduled for the 8th. I'm excited about that one since Steve will be here and he will go with me and see the baby for the first time! (YEA) My next perinatal appointment is the 7th.
Here's the new Peanut Pics from this mornings appointment. Not the greatest, but still pretty cool. The baby's arms are lifted up by it's head. The pics are only slightly different from one another, but I posted both anyway. The Dr. said we can see the pupil in the eye... apparently the ultrasound goes through the eyelids. I don't really see it though, I just take his word for it.


Freeman Family said...

I love to see pictures! I'm glad the Dr. said everything looks good! Take it easy, I saw you at Wally World, call me next time!

CM Stephensen said...

hahaha! I'm allowed to go SHOPPING!!!!

CM Stephensen said...

He didn't say anything about bedrest either!

You are really making me laugh!
I appreciate that you want to help, it really does mean a lot!

Anonymous said...

David loves the frontal alien looking views of sonograms, they are always his favorite one.

CM Stephensen said...

Yeah... they are pretty crazy!