Friday, November 7, 2008

What This City Needs!!

I am wanting some Chick-fil-A right now. Steve and I talk all the time about how many good resturants we love that are NOT in this city.... such as:

Cracker Barrell
Golden Corral

You know... a Cracker Barrell would fit in so nicely! At least they have put in a Texas Roadhouse... I wonder if it's open yet?


AdaMandy said...

I know the feeling. Adam and I are constantly craving places that aren't here. Every time we make a trip to Utah, we make our family go to all the places that we miss. I think this place seems to slowly be getting there. Who knows maybe one day it'll be a food paradise. :)

Mark Bettes said...

u left off waffle house, and krystals. i did eat some good waffle house today yummy. those other resturants i eat at they are yummy, there is chick fila in utah. there is a new gourmet sandwich shop, two actually, fire house subs and Jimmy johns gourmet subs, i havent tried it yet but i hear it is good. there is not much out to eat out in the west areas. where my dad was from, the only places to eat were in dodge city kansas and hotels and movie theater. how far are u from Lasvegas they should have places to eat there for sure, well when u come back to ga to visit make sure u eat some good food in the southern land.

Danila said...

I so agree that we need a Cracker Barrel! Every time John and I go back east to visit family, we make a stop there and think "this would do so well in Reno!" One more that would be great is the Cheesecake Factory, another family favorite.

CM Stephensen said...

Mark!! Waffle House... I know your joking!!! Well, to each his own I suppose. I'm not a fan of Krystals either. Reminds me too much of White Castle... :P

We have a Jimmy Johns... actually 2. Vegas is too far... 7 hours! Though, there is a Carraba's there I'm pretty sure of. Chik Fil A is in Sacramento, which is only a couple of hours from here.

CM Stephensen said...

Oh yeah!! Yeah... the Cheesecake Factory for sure!