Monday, November 10, 2008

The Singing

Remember how I was frustrated a while back about how the next book to my favorite story was being postponed till March! Ha!! I was so driven to read it, I finally went to and found an Australian printed copy for a pretty good price. I'm really surprised it's paperback. Matthew Sadler and I were discussing that maybe only in the US do books come out in Hardback first. Who knows... anyway... after waiting anxiously every day for the book to arrive in the mail.... it has finally arrived. I'm so excited!

Yes Mandy! It's true... of course... when I'm done, I will hand it over!

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AdaMandy said...

Um...yeah. HA. That's awesome. I need to re read them. I might have to borrow your third one again to read them all through so I am up to speed.