Monday, August 18, 2008

Apparently Monday is NOT the night for Italian food?!

Tonight I went to dinner with Lori Bua. We had a really great time this evening, but we had the interesting adventure of trying to find a place to eat. I had mentioned to her yesterday that I love to eat Italian food. She said she knew of a couple of great Italian resturants. So, we drove to the first one over by the Scholari's off of Mira Loma... Closed. Then we drove to the second one in the shopping center off of Lakeside... Closed too. Then we tried the one in the shopping center off of Virgina and Longley... yep, you guessed it... CLOSED! We ended up going to Johnny Corino's and we both had the Lemon Rosmary Chicken, which is fabulous. I highly recommend it. So, next time you want Italian, but don't want to go to a mainstream resturant, make sure it's not a Monday first!