Sunday, May 25, 2008

Did you know 8's are unlucky?

At least, that's what Steve says... particulary black 8's. (he's says it's only in cards though).

We played some hand and foot this evening, one of my favorite card games. Steve usually beats the socks off me. There were a few times when were playing in AZ where grandma and I quit in the 2nd or 3rd round because Steve was winning in such a ridiculous manner. Well... tonight, I was winning modestly... but Steve was so frustrated about the cards he kept drawing that he quit after the 3rd round. It was very funny! He blames it on the unlucky canasta of 8's he put together in the first round.


The Wells said...

I didn't know you played hand and foot! We play with the Allreds and Corbridges. You will need to add you too!

Johnny Rotten said...

That's great that you guys play cards together. Danila and I need to do more of that. Hey, does Steve have a blog? Nil and I are both fiends.