Thursday, October 29, 2009

Visiting with Oma Bonnie

This past weekend we drove over to Fremont, CA to visit with Steve's Mom Bonnie. We had such a great weekend! She was kind enough to put us up in a hotel a little ways down the road from where she lives. We meet her forlunch on Friday and spent the rest of the day relaxing while she worked.
We meet up on Saturday morning, had breakfast at the hotel and then drove down to Monterey. We checked out the Monterey Bay Aquarium, which is way cool. Though we wouldn't recommend visiting on a Saturday... it's way too packed to really enjoy. We spent the early afternoon walking around the first building and got our hands stamped so we could come back after lunch. One of Steve's goals for the weekend was to get me to eat some seafood. EVERYONE who really knows me, knows that I don't eat seafood, but Steve figured that what I really needed in my life was to try it "fresh". Anyway... I gave in. I tried Coconut Prauns (didn't like), Mahi Mahi (was ok), and Swordfish (was decent but I will never order it as my main course).

After lunch, Abby and I headed back to the car to nurse while Steve and Oma walked down to the knitting store. We met back up at the Rip Squeak and Friends store and then went back over to tour the rest of the museum. I enjoyed the Seahorse exhibit the most.

On Sunday we found a ward to attend Sacrament at and then went to Oma Bonnie's for lunch. When we got there, Oma showed us a chair that she had refinished which was used when by Steve's brother Paul when he was small. Abby is still a little too young to sit in it, but we managed to get a couple of cute pics. Oma Bonnie made a fabulous Meatloaf and a very yummy chocolate cake. We hung out for the rest of the afternoon and later I made my chicken Soup for dinner.

On Monday morning, we went and had a great breakfast at Oma Bonnie's and then started back on the road.... it was such a fabulous weekend!

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Anonymous said...

I had been waiting for an update to see how life has been going. It's always amazing how fast time flies.
Take care.