Thursday, September 3, 2009

Abby - 12 Weeks

Have I mentioned that we have categorized Abby's poo diapers according to what gets pooed on! No worries... there are no pictures!! This scale has been in place since she was about 2 weeks old. The categories range from 1 to 5.
Category 1: A regular poo diaper.
Category 2: Poo escapes the diaper but does not contaminate the onesie.
Category 3: Poo escapes the diaper and contaminates the onesie
Category 4: Poo escapes and contaminates the onesie and the blanket. (Often smearing up the back)
Category 5: Poo escapes and contaminates the onesie, the blanket, and anything nearby. Usually meaning YOUR clothes, the car seat, or whatever she happens to be laying in or on at the moment of impact.
Occasionally, a poo diaper may be rated a Category 6. You may ask, what would constitute a Category 6 rating. Believe me, you don't really want to know! This, indeed, is a rare event, and in Abby's case has only happened once. It was a situation where poo was smeared on the OUTSIDE of the car. I will let you ponder on how that happened!

Anyways, Abby is quickly approaching 13 weeks (tomorrow) and it's time I posted All Things Abby - Week 12. This is what Abby has been up to this week.
- She is holding her head up amazingly well
- She can now sit up in her Bumbo (not for a lengthy amount of time though).
- She is getting to the point where she is ok just chillin alone for a little while.
- Abby and I now go to bed around 930 every night (she doesn't fall asleep till 10 or 11)
- She is cooing and smiling even more than before.
- She coos and smiles particularly for her daddy... not sure how he manages that!
- She is definitely a Night Person like her daddy... she takes forever to wake up in the morning. (Great for Momma, I get to read scriptures and write in my journal and occasionally grab a shower all before she is officially wakey).
- She likes to watch TV with us. She is turning into a young Trekker already!
- She now has a cranky time of the day... about 7-9pm.
- She is ferociously gnawing on her fingers; another reason to suspect that she is beginning to teethe. I also think this has something to do with her cranky time.
- She can grab things that are within her grasp and puts them in her mouth.
- She sucked her thumb for a full half-hour while trying to go to sleep.
- She is beginning to fit into a few more 3 Month onesies... but still can wear Newborn.

Of course the pictures with the spoon on her head were Daddy's idea. She is imitating a Spoonhead. I will give a free Heritage Makers Family Fold to the first person to guess what Spoonhead refers to in the Star Trek Universe.


Julie said...

I have no idea what that spoon on her head means, but she's as cute as can be with it on! The new baby girl hair do... ;)

CM Stephensen said...

lol! Definately cute way cute!

Anonymous said...

You are both defiantly military, code 1-6 HAHA

Groverskate said...

Abby has her own Fujita scale for her poop damage! LOL!

terry may said...

she has not caught up to you yet!! i'm rating your memorable poo a 10...lets just say you were an artist from 5 mos (finger painting)I just read the list to dad and he's still laughing.