Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Photo Shoot

Last week my midwife asked if I would mind participating in a photo shoot. The pictures are to be used in some new brochures and on the office website. I thought it was pretty exciting, so I agreed. My mom and I showed up at the office yesterday morning at 730am. I was immediately placed in a black studio type chair so the makeup artist could work his magic. It was interesting having him put all this makeup on my face.... I'm not a fan of makeup (obviously, since no one really sees me wearing it). It was a lot of fun though, and he complimented my eyebrows asking if I had gotten them waxed. Beaming, I told him I do pluck them myself!

The Photo Shoot itself was interesting. The photographer took some pics of Lynn, my Midwife, measuring my belly. After that, he took some pics of Lynn and I just looking at each other. He had us talk to each other to give the perception of a casual atmosphere. It was pretty odd trying to come up with things to talk about while a camera man is constantly taking photo's. After a bit, they had me sit up, and Lynn and I looked down at a chart for the last series of photo's.

The whole thing went extremely fast. It was pretty rushed. There was one other family that they were going to shoot, so while they were getting prepped, Lynn fit in a regular appointment for me. The whole appointment, photo shoot and exam, took only 45 minutes.

When we got home, I had Steve go to the park with me and take some pictures. Afterall, having this much makeup on my face done up so well may never ever happen again. We needed to record this for posterity's sake!


Momma Twitch said...

CUTE!! You look very beautiful. Make sure to post pictures once they publish them. :)

The Perkins' said...

That's fun. And you look amazing!!!

Anonymous said...

You're always beautiful you funny girl! The "makeup artist" just enhanced things a little! :)

CM Stephensen said...

Thank you!
I have to agree that his work was subtle... I really liked it. Now I'm thinking I want to go get some MAC makeup.