Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My Great Grandma Christy's Blanket

I had a very special experience today.
First, a little explanation. I am named after my great grandparents. My name is Christy May and I was named after my great grandpa H. Russell Christy and Mildred May Christy. Great Grandma Christy died when I was 6... but she has always been my favorite grandma. She was an amazing woman. Sometimes I'm not really sure why, I just know it. Whenever she is talked about in our family, it's always with reverance. She was the most kindest person and caring and talented too. My memory of her and the idea of her is part of who I am.

So, today I was getting ready to leave the house when I saw my Mailman pull up and then walk to my front door with a package in hand. I wasn't expecting a package today... but I knew that it must be something for our little baby. I read the return address and learned that it was from my Aunt Patty. She's been really excited (as everyone else has been too) about our little one, so I knew that there would be some great practical stuff for our little girl. I opened the box, everything was wrapped in tissue paper. I unwrapped one thing at a time, admiring what she sent; a 12 mo. creeper shirt, a pink 0-3 month gown, the beanie baby bear Hope who is kneeling in prayer, and some burp clothes that look like she might have sown up herself (she's talented that way!). So far I was most excited about the burp clothes; the pattern of the fabric is so darn cute.

But that wasn't all... oh no, there was still one more thing in the box, and there was a letter on top! I love letters! So, I start reading this letter lovingly typed by my Aunt telling me a little story about a blanket my Great Grandma Christy croched. As I'm reading this letter, thinking about my grandma Christy, tears are falling from my eyes. Aunt Patty proceeds to tell me that Grandma had given her the blanket to give to her second child, which they thought would be a girl. Turns out, the baby, my cousin Nathan, was a boy! Skip to now... in my box, wrapped in white tissue paper is the blanket; a yellow blanket, croched by my Great Grandma Christy. I unwrap the blanket and hold in to my chest and just sob and sob. What a special gift for our little girl. All day long, I've been pulling the blanket out of the box and just holding it and nuzzling it. I can hardly wait to wrap my little girl in it! In the picture below is the blanket... as well as another blanket she made which my mother gave to me from her collection of Grandma Christy blankets... it's home has been my rocker since Steve put it together last time he was home.


Momma Twitch said...

That's so awesome! What a great story to be able to tell your kids. :)

Pittman Four said...

What a treasure that will be to you and your little one. It made me tear up too!!! We are so happy for you.

Jen Hamner said...

Mom is so cool. She is a GREAT gift giver for little girls, let me tell ya! What a great treasure.

CM Stephensen said...

Yeah... it seems to run on that side of the family!

Grandma Tot and A. Patty love to spoil the girls! I should know!!!!

Danila said...

What a wonderful gift! I found myself tearing up. What a wonderful thing to hand down to your little one, something that she can cherish as well and the memories of you grandmother that you can share with her. Thanks for sharing. We are so excited for your family.

Anonymous said...

That's so sweet!! What a cool story!