Monday, March 31, 2008

The Wide World of Blogging

Ok... so, I have this wonderful friend (Julie) who has been trying to get me to do blogging for my Storybooking business for a year now. But I just have not understood it. (ug). The closest I have come to blog is Myspace. Well, out of necessity, the past few days I've been trying to get my blog up and running ( and after playing around with more than one blog site I think I may have found one that is suitable for what I desire.

I would like to go into detail about my experience though. So, Julie, in order to help me out, gave me a link on her TYPEPAD account. It's ok, but it's frustrating worrying about what I can change and not change because it's not my account. Then last night, I realized that I obtained a blog through GODADDY with my BEASTORYTELLER account. Well... let me just say GODADDY is not very user friendly and I need user friendly. I was talking to Julie earlier about my desire for my own blog account and she recommended WORDPRESS. I didn't like the choices in layouts though it was a lot more user friendly that GODADDY and TYPEPAD. Now keep in mind I've spent about 45 min working on each blog account I've obtained. Then I got an email for Book Club today (thank you Lisa!). BLOGSPOT...I loved the layout... so I thought... ok, I'm going to try one more account. I finally have a blog page set up for my business that I really like! (thanks again Lisa!!) And I've decided to do a personal blog (way cool). Little did I know that so many people I know have their own blogs... why have I been in the dark for so long???!!

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